All-electric cab company set to begin service in Victoria

WatchAn all-electric taxi company has made its way to Victoria. It’s called "Current Taxi" and IT will begin service this Sunday using exclusively Teslas.. And while the environmentally friendly option will likely win the hearts of locals, competing companies aren't so amused. Ben Nesbit reports.

Those looking to catch a cab in Victoria while also going green will now have more options.

Kelowna-based company Current Taxi, that claims to be the first all-electric cab company in Canada, have made their way to the Island.

“We know how progressive Victoria is and their stance on supporting green services, and it’s just a natural progression,” said Current Taxi Founder Dale Conway.

The company was given the green light by the Passenger Transportation Board to operate a fleet of 15 Tesla electric vehicles in the region starting this Sunday, Dec. 1.

“We strongly believe that there’s a need to not only make a dollar but to make a difference at the same time. And again the transportation industry has the responsibility to start reducing its environmental footprint,” Conway said.

However, not everyone is happy about the expansion of current, as nine competing Victoria cab companies put forth opposing submissions to their application.

With major ride-sharing services expected to be coming to the area in the near future, those cab companies feel that their businesses could be in danger.

“New company with the electric cars, when there’s a new thing people want to check it out. The ride-hailing will have a major major impact on the taxi industry in whole BC, not CRD [Capital Regional District] not Metro Vancouver, I’m talking about all of BC,” said BC Taxi Association President Mohan Kang.

Current will begin service with six vehicles, with hopes of using 15 by the summer of 2020.



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