‘Ain’t no more cancer in me’: Premier Horgan says he is cancer-free

'Ain't no more cancer in me': Premier Horgan says he is cancer-free

Premier John Horgan is cancer-free.

During an appearance on Donnie and Dhali The Team airing on CHEK this morning, Horgan was asked about his health and said that he is officially free of cancer.

“We are breaking news here. I have had a clean … scan so there ain’t no cancer in me,” he said. “I am very happy about that.”

Horgan was diagnosed with throat cancer last November and briefly stepped away from his duties while he underwent 35 radiation sessions as part of his treatment program.

On Thursday, Horgan, who was previously diagnosed with bladder cancer when he was in his 40s, told Donnie and Dhali that although he has recovered, there are still some manageable challenges ahead.

“I’ve got some challenges with after-effects of treatment and so on but that can be managed. I am fighting weight again,” he said with a big smile.

The news comes one day after Horgan announced that his government was no longer going through with a proposed $789-million rebuild of the Royal BC Museum. While on Donnie and Dhali, Horgan was asked about the decision to cancel the project.

“It came out of the blue for many people,” Horgan said about the nearly $800-million museum replacement plan. “It didn’t for me because I’ve been working on it for five years and I knew about it for the past 15. But the public are saying ‘hey we got a doctor problem, we got a health care problem, inflation, gas prices, housing, why are you not doing that?’ and of course, we are doing all of those things.”

With so much frustration among the general public, Horgan said that while there are “serious challenges” with the Royal BC Museum, he felt he needed to pull the plug on the project and take responsibility for making a decision the majority of people weren’t on board with.

“When the public was so frustrated about something that I want them to be so proud of, it felt important to me to be accountable for making a decision that the public wasn’t ready for,” he told Donnie and Dhali. “We’re kicking it back to them. We’re going to have a consultation where everything is on the table and I want people to get back to a position of pride about our icon Royal BC Museum, rather than it being a gag line at a party. The people who work there, who care about the place don’t deserve that.”

“I’ve got to be accountable and I pulled the chord and we’re going to go back to square one,” he added.

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