UPDATE: Family facing homelessness finds new Duncan home

UPDATE: Family facing homelessness finds new Duncan home

 WATCH: Tears and laughter filled a Duncan townhouse Friday as a family facing homelessness and fearing they would soon be separated, moved into new affordable housing that puts them on a stable footing. Skye Ryan reports. 

The smile on five-year-old Edith Auckland’s face was like sunshine after a storm on Friday.

“Moving into our new house,” said the little girl.

“Little overwhelming and just happy to have a roof over our head,” said her father George Auckland Sr.

The Duncan family was eagerly moving into their new townhouse.  possible after Edith’s mom, Patricia Bagley made a heartwrenching plea for housing on CHEK News las month.

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“I’m really scared for my children because I want to keep my children with me,” said Bagley on April 9.

“My children are my flowers. I wouldn’t know what to do if I lose them,” she said tearfully.

They faced imminent homelessness when the Duncan motel they were living in served a notice it was raising their rates $400 per month as summer rates took effect.

The family was among 19 tenants of the hotel suddenly scrambling for housing, unable to afford the increase.

The response from CHEK News viewers was immediate, raising thousands of dollars to help them as Cowichan MLA Sonia Furstenau’s office used every tool they had to try to find them a unit.

“And this is how it should play out,” said MLA Sonia Furstenau, visiting the family as they moved into their new home.

?It?s stories like this that really demonstrate the power of affordable housing,? said Kevin Albers, CEO, M?akola Housing Society.

?It?s truly moving to see how access to a safe, affordable home can transform a family, especially so close to Mother?s Day.?

“Everything just came in after another,” said Bagley.

Bagley and her husband hope to stay in the low-income townhouse for the rest of their children’s childhoods.

“It was really low, $586 per month from $8 to $900 per month,” said Bagley.

Their children running through the home excitedly to check it out.

“Awesome,” said Bagley’s 12-year-old son George Jr.

“Lucky to have a bigger house instead of staying in the motel.”

“Happiness that we can start a new life,” said Bagley.

The Duncan mother said others from the motel are still looking for new places to live in the midst of Cowichan’s critical housing shortage.

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