‘A horrible shame’: Victoria artist saddened by railing removal proposal

'A horrible shame': Victoria artist saddened by railing removal proposal
Rose Currie

A quick scan of Rose Currie’s work and you’ll see the Victoria artist has a soft spot for the Dallas Road railing.

“It’s my favourite spot because of the light against the colour of the rail,” says Currie.

“Dallas Road Rust” painted by Rose Currie.

The iconic balustrade, painted in a colour that’s somewhere between teal and seafoam green, has lined the city’s waterfront for nearly 70 years and is the subject of several of Currie’s paintings.

The artist recently discovered there’s a proposal to have the railing removed.

“It will be a horrible shame to see it go,” she says.

In a report going to council this Thursday, staff are recommending council endorse a plan to replace the railing with a steel stanchion and wire cable design similar to the railing along the Ogden Point breakwater.

Staff say the railing is beyond the end of its useful service life and are recommending its full replacement to reduce maintenance and replacement costs and improve aesthetics.

“I often get commissioned to paint it for Victorians that have moved out of the city. That’s the one memory they want to take with them. It’s a beautiful place to centre yourself,” she says.

“View from the Surf Motel” part of Rose Currie’s Landscape Series.

Currie has noticed the corrosion city staff outline in its report but says she uses the rust and deterioration as the focus of her paintings. She says it represents “endless beauty.”

The painter would like to see the railing remain which is an option, however, staff say repairs would likely cost more since a complete replacement would eventually be required.

Rose Currie has given CHEK News permission to use her photos. 

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