50-year-old Duncan UFO sighting makes it onto Canadian coin

50-year-old Duncan UFO sighting makes it onto Canadian coin

A supposed UFO sighting in Duncan over 50 years ago is now being preserved on a new silver coin created by the Royal Canadian Mint.

The close encounter was reported on Jan. 1, 1970 by a nurse in Duncan.

The mint says that when the nurse opened the curtain of a patient’s room, she saw a “large saucer-shaped craft with a glass-like dome top.”

She also saw two male figures in dark clothing inside the flying saucer, which she estimated to be 15 metres (50 feet) in diameter.

“Absorbed by the sight, the nurse studied both the craft and its occupants, and soon noticed one of the figures slowly turning to face in her direction,” says the RCM.

Both of the figures were standing in front of a large panel, and after they seemingly saw her, one of the figures reached down and pulled a lever, causing the UFO to spin and fly away.


The nurse called over another nurse just in time to see the flying object soar away.

Two other witnesses also reported seeing strange lights moving in the distance.

The UFO sighting has now been pressed into a 1 oz. silver coin created by the mint.

The limited-edition coin also comes with a black light, which brings colours on the coin to life when it’s shone on it.

The reverse side of the coin shows an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on top of a “wormhole background” design.

The small rectangular coin measures 49.8 millimetres by 28.6 millimetres and costs $139.95 and can be purchased on the Royal Canadian Mint website.

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