2 more replica firearms seized by police in Victoria

2 more replica firearms seized by police in Victoria
One of the replica firearms seized by VicPD on Aug. 18, 2020.

Police officers in Victoria seized a pair of replica firearms Tuesday.

According to Victoria Police Department, patrol officers, as well as members with their Community Services Division, officers responded to a call about a man reportedly seen carrying a handgun in the 300-block of Gorge Road East at around 11 a.m. Tuesday.

Once on scene, officers learned the man had handed over a replica firearm to a “facility” staff member, who turned it over to police.

However, officers realized the firearm turned over to them looked different than the one reported to them.

VicPD officers then went to the man’s suit, where they located and seized the second replica firearm, and took the man into custody.

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Replica firearms are becoming commonplace in the Greater Victoria Area.

Earlier this month, VicPD seized a replica handgun from a temporary housing facility in the 1900-block of Douglas Street. Two replica firearms were also seized by Victoria police officers on two separate occasions in June.

The Victoria Police Department told CHEK last week that between January and August of this year officers have “attended” to more than 50 files involving replica firearms.

Replica firearms seized by Victoria Police Department on Aug. 18. (Photo credit: VicPD)


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