Woman devastated after SUV stolen in Nanaimo with wedding ring inside


WATCH: The victim of a vehicle theft in Nanaimo lost much more than her SUV on Monday. Inside the vehicle were some of the woman’s most cherished possessions, including the wedding ring given to her by her husband who died more than two years ago. Kendall Hanson reports.

Leslie Dickie was on the phone with insurance agents on Tuesday, a day after her SUV was stolen in Nanaimo.

“It was the weirdest sensation,” Dickie said. “You open the door and something is missing. I immediately walked around the parking lot thinking where did I park it? No, I parked it right here because I had to unload the night before.”

Dickie is moving from Port Hardy and is staying at a Nicol Street motel. When she realized her Ford Edge was gone Monday morning, she reported it to police right away.

The motel’s surveillance camera a man walking around the parking lot and trying to open vehicle doors at around 3:47 a.m.

The video footage then shows the man walking to Dickie’s SUV. The lights then go on and the vehicle is driven away.

Inside the SUV were some possessions with sentimental value. One of the most important items was a diamond wedding ring given to Dickie by her husband Reynold who passed away in September 2015 from cancer.

“I don’t care about the car or anything that’s in the car, but the jewelry and the gifts are probably the most important thing to me,” Dickie said.

She added that her husband always said she was too trusting and she should be wary of people who may not have the best intentions.

“He’s told me that all my life and somehow I forgot that,” she said.

The other jewelry items were a gold anniversary ring and family rings. There was also a book with a family tree Dickie was working on, paperwork and a passport.

RCMP say most stolen vehicles are recovered within a week and Dickie said she hopes hers will be found along with the rings that mean so much to her.


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