‘My wish came true’: after being scammed, fundraising phenom Jeneece Edroff finds a puppy

'My wish came true': after being scammed, fundraising phenom Jeneece Edroff finds a puppy

WATCH: Victoria’s “penny girl” Jeneece Edroff lost $1,500 in a puppy scam but just days later, her dream came true. April Lawrence has more.

Last week Jeneece Edroff was devastated, and out $1500, after learning the two puppies she thought she was getting were a scam.

Vancouver Island’s fundraising phenom had her heart set on a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, in honour of her beloved childhood dog Variety. Her goal was to turn the pets into therapy dogs to help people at Jeneece Place.

Watch: Vancouver Island’s Penny Girl Falls Victim to Puppy Scam

Just three days after the story aired on CHEK News, Jeneece was happy to share some good news.

She found a breeder in Kamloops who had one remaining puppy and drove it to the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal to meet Jeneece Saturday morning.

“I picked him up and the moment I picked him up he was whining and just talking and he peed on me but [whatever], that’s okay,” said Jeneece.

Jeneece is already training her puppy who she has named Lokie. She’s getting him ready to become a therapy dog, both for her, and those at Jeneece Place.

“I talked to a friend who does service dogs and [I] have to wait a year until he’s a year old and he’s got a little bit more training, sit and stay commands,” she said.

The pair has already formed a bond, the puppy search that started with heartbreak ending with a perfect match.

“It’s a lesson learned but I’m now happy cause I have this little guy and my whole family loves him.”

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