What are islanders New Year’s resolutions?


As Victorians roll into 2023, there’s always that longing question: “What is your New Year’s resolution?”

A 2010 Ipsos study found that while 77 per cent of Canadians resolved to change something about themselves, only 22 per cent of those reported that they’ve managed to keep all the resolutions they’ve made in the past.

For some islanders, the goal is to work on simple, attainable goals.

“We had a little party on New Year’s Eve and we thought about it, we asked everybody in our group what we should do, and mine was not to procrastinate for the new year,” says one man.

“I have a tendency to put things on hold now that I’m retired”

“Probably just to drink more water I’d say,” says another.

While for others, their New Year’s resolution is a bit more on the adventurous side.

“So far we’ve decided that we’re going to travel a lot more, especially to places that people don’t really go to,” says one group.

“We thought Yellowknife was going to be a good idea.”

Even B.C. Premier David Eby weighed in with his at-home resolutions.

“For next year, my resolutions at home are to be a good dad and a supportive and tidy husband,” Eby said in a statement.

Even though some might have their resolutions locked down, there are others who are still undecided.

“Uh…I don’t know,” says one young girl.

With the new year still young, there’s plenty of time to make or break those resolutions throughout 2023.

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