‘We are facing a storm surge:’ Community transmission behind deadliest week of pandemic in B.C. 

'We are facing a storm surge:' Community transmission behind deadliest week of pandemic in B.C. 

Across B.C. COVID-19 cases are surging.

Friday brought an unprecedented 911 new cases, 11 dead, and 10,000 under public health monitoring. The province’s top doctor likened COVID-19 to a storm.

“We are facing a storm surge. While we might have been safer to be closer to that edge, our safe zone has moved back,” said Dr. Bonnie Henry, provincial health officer.

“That sand bar where we can act safely has become smaller.”

And as the waves of COVID-19 crash closer, the warning that we need to move back in reaction because things that were once safe, are no longer.

“We are seeing a much higher level of community transmission. That means that things that were safe, using the guidelines we had developed over the last nine months, are no longer in that safe zone,” said Dr. Henry.

“This is different than what we were experiencing in the spring, summer, and even earlier in the fall. This means any location that was able to have gatherings safely even a few weeks ago, including temples, churches, and gurdwaras, and other critical religious venues are not safe today.”

Health officials not going so far as to lay any new orders further restricting gatherings just yet. But warning that transmission now is happening in our communities.

And the virus is spreading that way, quickly.

“It is a cruel irony in many ways, that what we need right now to be with people, is the most dangerous thing that we can do,” said Dr. Henry.

Officials reminding everyone, as we head into the holiday season, to step back from the water’s edge so to speak, and play it safe.

At least for now. Knowing that with a vaccine and time, we can ride the waves until we’re back in calm waters.

“This is not forever. It may be hard to see the light right now. But there is light,” said Dr. Henry.

Kori SidawayKori Sidaway

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