WATCH: Behind-the-scenes look at the $105M Johnson Street bridge project

WATCH: Behind-the-scenes look at the $105M Johnson Street bridge project

WATCH: It has cost taxpayers $105 million and counting, but after years of delays, the Johnson Street bridge replacement is finally taking shape. April Lawrence reports.

After years of delays and issues, the new Johnson Street bridge is finally starting to take shape.

On Wednesday, the media was given a behind the scenes look at just how far the replacement project has come since the major steel components arrived from China two months ago.

While the pieces come from all over the world much of the work is being done by locals.

“I think the city’s really pleased with the quality and skill of some of the local workers that have been used on this project to finish it off,” said project director Jonathan Huggett.

That includes laying the road surface for the vehicle and bicycle lanes.

Despite its troubled past, the project now appears to be moving forward with no major challenges.

“There are just minor issues that we deal with as you would expect on any normal project,” said Huggett.

The next major step starts Nov. 30 when a crane called the “Dynamic Beast” arrives.

“That’s a huge crane 330 feet long, about 120 feet wide and that will come into Victoria harbour and lift those two rings in place over the five days,” said Huggett.

The harbour will be closed to marine traffic for that time.

The final piece of the project will be lifted into place at the end of January. There will then be months of testing before the mega project finally opens to traffic at the end of March.

The old bridge will then be demolished, which will take roughly two to three months.

The pedestrian-only walkway can only be installed at that point but will hopefully be open by the summer.

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