Wasps make late summer charge on Vancouver Island

Wasps make late summer charge on Vancouver Island
Watch August summer heat sees wasps season coming later in greater Victoria.

The sound of buzzing wasps can put many on edge, often ruining barbeques or picnics.

And if you’ve noticed a few more wasps around Vancouver Island lately, you’re not alone.

Pest experts say the warm weather has these little critters coming out in full force.

“They’ve really come on very quickly so there’s a lot at once and a lot of nest growing very fast so people go from not seeing any waps in their yard to suddenly it seems like they’re there all the time,” Logan Smith, a technician at Garden City Pest control, said.

Smith said anyone planning to get in another picnic or two before the summer ends should make sure to keep food sealed, try picking a spot without wasps hovering around ,and stay away from the picnic tables because the wasps know that’s where the food will be.

But it’s not all bad news.

Wasps are predators and eat unwanted bugs from peoples gardens.

“Unless you physically try and harm their nest there not going to come at you, you have to go out of you’re way to make a wasp attack you,” Claudia Copley, an entomologist at the Royal BC Museum, said.

Experts say not to worry as the season for wasps is coming to an end and soon enough, they will all begin to disappear for the winter.



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