Warning issued after ATM skimmer found in at Victoria’s Visitor Centre

Warning issued after ATM skimmer found in at Victoria's Visitor Centre
Police have released two photos of the front and back of the ATM skimmer found on Aug. 18, 2019.

Police are asking anyone who used the ATM at the Visitor Centre at Victoria’s Inner Harbour to check their bank information after a skimming device was found Sunday.

VicPD was called to the centre, which is located at 812 Wharf Street, after a passerby saw a suspicious device attached to the card input at the ATM there. Staff at the centre turned the device over to police officers. The officers recognized the device as a skimmer, a small device planted on machines by someone who wants to steal information from credit or debit cards.

Skimmers are often deployed with a camera to record potential victims entering their PINs.

Police said officers searched the area but did not locate a camera. It is not known at this time how long the skimmer was at the ATM, or how many cards may be impacted.

Anyone who used the ATM at 812 Wharf Street is urged to check their banking information, report suspicious transactions to their bank immediately, and report any incidents to police by calling the VicPD emergency line at 250-995-7654.

Police also advised people to protect their financial information by doing a “wiggle test” at ATMs. The test is done by grasping and wiggling the card receptacle when inserting your debit or credit card. If it is loose or comes free, it is likely a skimmer. If a skimmer is found, people are asked to notify the business owner and call police.


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