War veterans, married for 70 years, moved to separate Victoria care facilities

War veterans, married for 70 years, moved to separate Victoria care facilities

WATCH: After celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary, Canadian war veterans Jack and Margaret Palmer have been forced to live apart. April Lawrence reports.

More than 70 years have passed since Jack and Margaret Palmer were a carefree young couple starting their new life together.

They met as members of the Royal Canadian Air Force serving in England during the Second World War.

Jack was in public relations and 92-year-old Margaret was a clerk-typist who recalls those years vividly.

“Pounding on the door you’ve gotta get out you’ve gotta get out because there’s a bomb here right at your doorstep,” she said.

They met one night at a pub, and have spent everyday together until three weeks ago.

Margaret, in need of a higher level of care, was moved to a residential care facility, but with no bed available in the building for Jack, the 96-year-old does his best to come and visit.

For a couple that has spent seven decades by each other’s sides, the sudden separation has left them lost.

“It just cut my right arm off, I’m not complete,” said Margaret.

Susan Palmer says in just three weeks, she’s noticed her mom’s wellbeing deteriorate.

“She’s kind of lost her lifeline and we want that fixed,” said Palmer.

After receiving 70th anniversary well wishes from the premier, prime minister, and the Queen, Jack is appealing all the way to the top to get back with his wife.

“You’d think that one of them could wave a magic wand,” joked Jack.

After Island Health was made aware of the Palmers’ situation on Tuesday, they went to work to try to reunite the couple.

Late Tuesday afternoon, they said they had secured Jack Palmer an assisted living bed in the same facility as his wife.

He can move in once the paperwork and other protocols are completed.

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