Video showing Trudeau seemingly talking candidly about Trump goes viral

Video showing Trudeau seemingly talking candidly about Trump goes viral

LONDON — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been caught on camera apparently talking candidly with fellow foreign leaders about U.S. President Donald Trump, with the footage now going viral.

The video was shot during a leaders’ only-reception held Tuesday night in London, where leaders from 29 countries are marking the 70th anniversary of the NATO military alliance.

In it, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson can be heard asking French President Emmanuel Macron why he was late, to which Trudeau appears to blame the U.S. president’s propensity for fielding journalists’ questions at the start of bilateral meetings.

The leaders do not use Trump’s name, but the U.S. president took dozens of questions from journalists during meetings with Macron and Trudeau on Tuesday.

Trump’s impromptu news conference with Trudeau lasted more than half an hour.

The reception footage has since spread across the internet, with observers suggesting Trudeau and the other leaders were mocking Trump and wondering how the mercurial U.S. president will react.

While Trudeau has spent much of the past three years trying to establish a good relationship with Trump, the president has not shied away from lashing out any perceived slight from fellow world leaders.

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