Victorians support Canadian teams in the run for the Stanley Cup


WATCH: Out of the playoffs and Sedin-less, the Canucks have a long summer of rest ahead of them. But, in the meantime, the playoffs march on for two Canadian teams. So are Victorians jumping on their bandwagon? Kori Sidaway has the story.

While Western Canadians normally hold a grudge against anything from Toronto, some Victorian hockey fans are revealing their true colours.

“We’re Canadian so we cheer for the Canadians,” says Sarah Riordon.

“I’m cheering for either the Leafs or Winnipeg. I’d like to see the cup come back here,” said local Howard Jones.

Fans are also flocking to local sporting goods stores, to make sure their teams score big.

“The Canadian teams, if they’re doing well in the playoffs, you tend to see a big rush on stuff. Everyone comes out of the woodwork when your team is doing well I guess,” says Sean Tackaberry, owner of Kirby’s Source for Sports.

In fact, at Kirby’s, there is only one Maple Leaf jersey and one Jets jersey left until they restock.

They’re not all bandwagon fans though, some diehard Leafs’ fans are proving that hometown blood runs thicker than water.

“I was born with a leaf tattoo on my leg when I was conceived. So, I was born a leaf fan,” says Tommy Davidson.

“My Dad cheered for the Leafs so I just kind of followed along,” says Trevor Blast who runs Lefcoast Leafs Podcast.

“I think you always have this weird innate sense of patriotism for your hometown because you grew up in the city,” says Shelby Lang.

And now capital region Leafs fans have a place to go: Victoria’s 5th Street has become fans’ home away from home.

“I think it is very important, being on the west coast here, you have to all stick together and get that kind of family environment and bring the whole team together,” says Chantal Bouchard, general manager of 5th Street.

Whether it’s hometown pride or national pride,  everyone seems to agree the Stanley Cup needs to come home once again.


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