U.S. President Donald Trump may have inadvertently given a boost to a local whale watching company.

In a since-corrected tweet, Trump tweeted that he had met the “Prince of Whales” in response to articles written after an ABC news interview, where he said he would listen if a foreign government gave him information on political opponents without necessarily reporting it to the FBI.

Trump had intended to refer to Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. The tweet was then deleted and a new tweet was sent out with the error corrected.

However, that didn’t stop Victoria-based Prince of Whales Whale and Marine Life Adventures from getting on Twitter and having a bit of fun with the gaffe.

“Hmm @POTUS mentions speaking with us but we never got the call! We are looking for a Brand Ambassador to promote our company though and you’ve definitely got our attention. We’ll be in touch!” the company wrote in its tweet. The tweet also included a Photoshopped picture of Donald Trump meeting with the company.

Others on Twitter also shared jokes and funny Photoshops.