Victoria student hopes to raise money after family’s home destroyed by Hurricane Dorian

Victoria student hopes to raise money after family's home destroyed by Hurricane Dorian
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Asiyah's family's dream home lays in the ruin in the wake of Hurricane Dorian

Asiyah Robinson is starting a new school year at UVIC, but instead of worrying about books and tests, her family home that’s been left in ruin is on her mind.

Robinson, who is in the midst of a bachelor of science degree at the University of Victoria, is Bahamian born and raised. She moved to Victoria in 2014 to pursue an education at UVic, while her parents and siblings live on her home island of Grand Bahamas.

Her family was in the midst of building their retirement home before the category 5 hurricane ripped through the region. With sustained winds of 295 kilometres an hour, and up to 24 feet storm surges, Hurricane Dorian decimated the string of islands in a matter of three days.

Asiyah’s family’s dream home lays in the ruin in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. (Go Fund Me)

The Robinson dream family home, that took them nearly six years to build, was leveled by the relentless storm.

The family says insurance is unable to cover the full extent of the damage, leaving the Robinson’s, like thousands of others, have been left with nothing.

Feeling helpless from Victoria, Asiyah has returned to classes but is also spending her time trying to raise money within the community of Victoria.

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The family hopes to raise $110,000 to help rebuild their home.

“Using the Jamaican saying: ‘every mickle mek a muckle,’ please, let us help in whatever way we can,” Asiyah’s website reads.

As of Sept. 11, the official death toll is estimated at 50 people, but that’s expected to rise as 2,500 people are registered as missing in the wake of the storm.

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