Victoria restaurant owners pick their top 10 local restaurants

Victoria restaurant owners pick their top 10 local restaurants
Jo Zambri and Calen McNeil, the operators of Zambri's and Big Wheel Burger, picked their top local restaurants on an episode of MicCHEK.

What’s your favourite restaurant in Victoria? That’s the question we put to Jo Zambri and Calen McNeil, the operators of Zambri’s and Big Wheel Burger.

The two restaurateurs recently joined the MicCHEK podcast to give us their top restaurant recommendations.

Calen: Brasserie L’ecole – 1715 Government Street

“They just continue to produce quality product. It’s a family run business, they pour their heart and soul into it and they’re my number one pick. I’ve ordered the same thing for 20 years, I get a König Ludwig which is a German wheat beer, I get a glass of red wine and then I do steak frites with an endive salad.”

Jo: Sen Zushi – 940 Fort Street

“They’ve been there for as long as I can remember and I love it there…best sushi in the city…I don’t think they get enough love for what they do.”

Calen: Jones BBQ – 1725 Cook Street

“The food is consistent every time, the staff is friendly. They have the heart and they produce good product. I usually do the brisket and then we’ll do the meat platter which will have a little bit of everything with the beans. It’s just made authentically”

Jo: J & J Wonton Noodle House – 1012 Fort Street

“Pretty much everything they make out of there is consistently good. When I first moved to B.C. I lived in Sooke, and I used to go there when I lived in Sooke. I get the pork wonton. I love their Shanghai thick noodles and their spicy ginger beef. Anything that comes out of that kitchen that’s vegetarian is perfect.”

Calen: Roast Meat & Sandwich Shop – 1701 Douglas Street

“The operator is amazing, you can tell she cares. You can’t get better food from experienced operators that care. I actually ordered my Christmas dinner from there for four, and I had food for two weeks after and it was amazing, just perfectly prepared. Their pork belly sandwich is to die for. I’ve had some of the best salads in the city there.”

Jo: Agrius – 732 Yates Street

“I think their brunch is unparalleled. They just do their thing and they don’t compromise.”

Calen: Wind Cries Mary – 45 Bastion Square

“It’s become my second go-to after Brasserie for dinner out. They have a fried chicken that is to die for and their rib eye steak is killer. Everything they do is good.”

Jo: Cenote Restaurant and Lounge – 768 Yates Street

“Their food is fun and easy to eat. Scott the bartender knows what he’s doing. They make amazing drinks. I just think it’s a really good place that a lot of people don’t necessarily think of.”

Calen: Bear & Joey Café – 1025 Cook Street

“I’ve been going here for brunch, again another owner that cares and cares about his staff. The food is good, not a huge menu but everything on there is there for a reason. Their breakfast sandwich is killer and the room is good…feels like Miami.”

Jo: Standard Pizza – 1515 Cook Street

“They know how to work that oven. Anybody can turn a pizza in the oven but it’s the dough and how it’s managed and stretched. You can pre-order, it’s ready when they say it’s going to be ready. They do what they do, and they do it well.”

To hear the restaurateur’s full recommendation list you can listen to Episode 103 – The Restaurateur Roundtable on the MicCHEK podcast or watch it on CHEK+.

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