The Victoria Police Department joined in on the nightly community cheers and tipped their caps to frontline healthcare workers during the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

Outside Royal Jubilee Hospital on Thursday night, police officers paid tribute to hospital staff by forming their own version of a conga line in a 15-car salute.


A full watch of patrol officers, right as they began their night shift at around 7 pm, circled the Royal Jubilee Hospital in their squad cars with their lights activated.

“We appreciate all you are doing!!” read a tweet sent out by the Victoria City Police Union

The officers then got out of their vehicles outside the emergency room bay and took a moment to clap and celebrate the hard work of hospital staff and health care workers.

“Tonight, our Patrol officers took a moment to thank hospital staff, to acknowledge them for everything they are doing during this pandemic, and to let them know that we appreciate their commitment,” said Chief Del Manak. “As first responders, we recognize their incredible work on the front lines of this public health crisis.”

Cheering at 7 pm has started to become the norm across the province as more communities join together to show support for all frontline staff. Just across the pond in Vancouver last night, the celebratory cheers blanketed the entire downtown.


Cheering isn’t the only way people have been showing love towards frontline staff either, as around Vancouver Island messages have been spotted thanking workers from bus drivers to nurses to grocery store clerks.



Graham Cox