A dumpster's lid melted following a fire Sunday afternoon

A dumpster’s lid melted following a fire Sunday afternoon

Police are investigating after a fire in a dumpster in downtown Victoria Sunday afternoon.

Fire crews were called to the 600-block of Johnson Street just before 2 p.m. after witnesses saw flames coming from the container in an alley.

Members of the public had run across the street from the Best Western and an adjacent business and put out the blaze with extinguishers.

Fire crews arrived shortly after and put out any remaining hotspots. As the dumpster was behind a locked gate they called in police and handed over the investigation.

The incident is one of multiple fires that have taken place in the city in recent weeks.

“It’s kind of unusual for us [to have this many], but it’s not impossible for these to all be coincidental,” said Doug Carey, Battalion Chief with the Victoria Fire Department.

“Please be cautious with cigarettes and smoking materials and please report any fires.”

The major Plaza Hotel fire was just around the corner and is still under investigation, along with the other blazes that have taken place across the city.

Rivera Barber Shop is just beside the alley and owner Greg Wright, who helped stop the fire, says the incident is worrying.

“I came out and saw four-foot flames…It’s concerning absolutely but the guys are on it,” he said.

“[The alley] is often locked and there is no public access… We’ve caught people trying to climb [over the gate].”

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Victoria police at 250-995-7654 or Crimestoppers.