Victoria police honour taxi driver who helped catch sex offender

Victoria police honour taxi driver who helped catch sex offender
VicPD Chief Del Manak presents the VicPD Civic Service Award to Mohammed Rashaed on Oct. 2, 2020.

A taxi driver who helped law enforcement locate a dangerous sex offender was honoured by Victoria police on Friday.

Victoria Police Chief Del Manak presented the VicPD Civic Service Award to Bluebird Cabs driver Mohammed Rashaed on Oct. 2.

The physically-distanced ceremony took place in the department’s Hall of Honour Friday morning.

Rashaed has been credited by the department for helping locate Scott Jones, a 56-year-old court designated dangerous offender with a history of sexual violence who was wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for being unlawfully at large.

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On Sunday morning, Rashaed was driving his taxi when he was flagged down by Jones and eventually the two ended up in Langford, where the convicted sex offender asked him to go inside and buy some clothing because the police were looking for him.

Already suspicious, Rashaed went inside the store, but didn’t do what Jones had asked.

“I said ‘OK wait here in my car.’ I locked him in my car and I went inside the Superstore and I called the police,” the Bluebird Cabs driver told CHEK on Monday.

Once the call was made, West Shore RCMP arrived and found Jones sitting inside Rashaed’s cab, who attempted to barricade himself inside and even tried to light the vehicle on fire.

Eventually, the responding officer, Meighan Massey, smashed one of the cab’s windows and arrested Jones, who was then handed over to VicPD. Manak said police had been on the third day of searching for Jones.

Manak also thanked Insp. Todd Preston and Massey from West Shore RCMP.

“We’re part of a team that rely on each other to help keep citizens safe and to serve our communities. Mr Rashaed, you were a part of that team. Thank you for stepping up and for helping keep our community safe,” Manak said.

“And it was keeping our community safe from someone who presented a real danger.”

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Manak said the award recognizes community members who “have stepped up and done the right thing in our communities.”

“In policing, we often say we can’t do it alone,” Manak said.

“We would love nothing more to be everywhere at every moment, ready to help every citizen who is in need but we all know that that’s just not possible. But we also know that there are citizens out there who can make a difference.”

Manak said Rashaed’s name will be added to the Hall of Honour at the VicPD police station.

Watch the award ceremony below


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