Victoria International Airport records 47 consecutive months of growth

Victoria International Airport records 47 consecutive months of growth

WATCH: It’s one of Canada’s fastest growing airports. It may soon get even busier.  The number of passengers travelling through Victoria International Airport is growing every month. As Mary Griffin reports, it’s on target to hit the two-million mark by next year. And a new discount airline may draw even more traffic.

It’s one of Canada’s fastest growing airports.  And September marks the 47th month of continuous growth at Victoria International Airport, according to president Geoff Dixon.

“We’ve been averaging five to six per cent growth over the last number of years. Some months ten, 12 per cent,” Dixon said.  “Other months five per cent. But overall, it’s been very healthy growth for the airport.”

And news that WestJet is moving into the ultra low-cost carrier market has people talking. WestJet’s Swoop is set to launch in 2018 with ten planes based out of Calgary. Passengers will pay for their seats and anything else is extra.

“We think Victoria is a perfect fit. You’ve got three post-secondary institutions. You’ve got a growing high-tech sector,” Dixon said. “It’s popular for the leisure market.  There’s a lot of family and friend and relative connections.”

The travelling public, however, is split on the idea of discount carriers.

In 2018, more than two million passengers are expected to pass through the gates here.  With that kind of growth,  Dixon said the airport authority welcomes the flying future.

“If you look 20 years from now, there’ll be twice as many planes in the sky as there are today.”

The routes are not yet confirmed where Swoop will fly in and out of. But if Victoria makes the cut, the skies the limit.


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