Victoria Hand Project receives one-million-dollar grant

WatchVictoria Hand Project to expand to Canada and the United States after receiving one-million-dollar award from TD Bank.

For the past four years, the Victoria Hand Project has provided low-cost 3D-printed prosthetic hands in developing countries.

But after receiving a $1 million award from the TD Bank Group, the project will be expanding to Canada as well as the United States.

“There’s a lot of people here in Canada and US that also need prosthesis. There’s people here who are disadvantaged or live in remote communities where access to care is more difficult, so this opportunity is going to allow us to reach out to them and help them out,” said Hand Project Executive Director Nick Dechev.

All of the technology is developed on the University of Victoria campus, and with the new funding, the project will be able to initiate research into 3D-printed spinal braces designed to treat scoliosis in children,

“For the scoliosis, since that’s not covered in North America, it can be a large expense to the families so there definitely is a large need here,” said Michael Peirone, Victoria Hands Project Chief Operating Officer.

The grant will now allow the project to open up seven new clinics in North America where the 3D printers will be located.

Team members say this will meet the current need and will allow them to grow.

“This funding is going to allow for 200 Victoria hands to be deployed and 160 scoliosis braces, but the great thing is when we open up the seven new print centres we will be able to continue to be able to deploy the technology,” Peirone said.

The locations for the clinics have yet to be chosen, as the project will take their time to assess the cities most in need.




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