Victoria gelato artisan to compete in major festival with west-coast inspired flavour

WatchA Victoria gelato artisan is competing at the Gelato Festival in Los Angeles this Saturday.

Stefano Mosi is pitching his new flavour to customers.

“Yea minty… something else to it though…. its really good,” said Deborah Levine.

“It’s like a lemony… kinda grassy… with a touch of cream,” said Nora Liscomb.

“It’s really good, it’s very west coast,” said Linda Baker.

And that’s exactly what the owner OF Mosi Gelato hopes to get across.

“It’s a very unique flavour, very west coast flavour, refreshing…. Canadian,” said Mosi.

“This is my sea-mist sorbetto, which will be featured at the competition, it’s is made with the local sea-mist herbal tea from Silk Road,” said Stefano.

“Which has mint, lemongrass and seaweed. And then I infuse it further with fresh mint and lime juice.”

It will be put to the test in Los Angeles this Saturday at Gelato Festival, a roaming festival that has stops in Italy, the rest of Europe, the United States and Japan in search of the world’s best gelato.

He is the only Canadian in the competition.

Thirty-six finalists will then compete at the world masters in Italy in 2021.

When asked if customers though he had a good chance they only had positive things to say.

“Yes, Yes,” said Levine.

“Of course,” said Liscomb.

And Stefano is not the only one from Mosi competing.

“I am competing in the stack-it-high competition, as well as the speed one…. you have to stack as many things [like] cones, as you can,” said Emma Chan, store manager.

“I am also going to be one of Stefano’s sous chefs. I’m excited, I get to see a new place and show our product to the world.”

And Mosi has one big advantage on his side.

“Both my grandfathers since the 1920s had bakery shops and bakeries in Italy and that’s how my parents met,” said Stefano.

“It’s definitely in the blood, as you can see its what I was born to do, gelato baking, yea it’s definitely a passion.”

You can swing by this slice of Italy at either the location downtown on Johnson Street or up in Saanich on West Saanich Road.

You could taste a world champion flavour before it earns the title.

Julian KolsutJulian Kolsut

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