It’s no trick! The iconic Victoria Costumes is closing up shop

It's no trick! The iconic Victoria Costumes is closing up shop
WatchThis Halloween will be the last for Victoria Costumes. As Tess van Straaaten shows us, thousands of items are now being sold off.

To say Victoria Costumes owner Charlotte Rennison loves Halloween would be a bit of an understatement.

“It’s a lifestyle for me — Halloween isn’t just a day, it’s a lifestyle,” she says while wearing a special Halloween dress.

For the last 13 years, Rennison’s run the popular Brentwood Bay costume shop.

“People get to step away from who they are every day,” Rennison says. “When people put on a costume, they magically transform into someone else and it’s such a beautiful thing to see.”

But now, this queen of Halloween is closing up shop and selling off thousands of costumes and novelty items.

“We had over 5,000 costumes so it takes a while to sell off everything,” she says.

“And I kind of accidentally bought another 500 last week so…whoops!”

From wigs and hats to superhero suits, royal robes, 50s fashions and a multitude of masks, there’s something for everyone.

“It’s been my go-to for 10 years,’ says customer Tyson Van Cadsand, who came in to find pieces for a Dale Earnhardt costume. “They have the best stuff and they’re always willing to help me find exactly what I need.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t the main reason Victoria Costumes is closing for good on Dec. 31, Rennison says it definitely sped things up.

But she’s excited to start her next chapter — in the movie industry, hopefully as a costumer and background performer.

“It’s great to say goodbye to the costumes one at a time and to share with people the stories that each of the costumes has,” she says.

And of course, this dress-up diva is planning to keep a few dozen costumes for herself.

“When I decided to sell everything off, I went around the store and picked out my favourite ones and the ones that fit me so I have about three racks at home so there’s no lack of costumes in my life!” she laughs.

Tess van StraatenTess van Straaten

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