Victoria centenarian completes first 10 of 104 laps to raise money for children’s charity

Victoria centenarian completes first 10 of 104 laps to raise money for children's charity

With 10 laps down and 94 to go, John Hillman’s challenge to raise money for a children’s charity is now underway.

The 104-year-old Second World War Veteran is once again doing his fundraising walk around the Carlton House of Oak Bay courtyard to raise money for children in need.

The walk, now an annual tradition, started in 2020 when Hillman did the same number of laps as his age to help those in need.

“Just at the height of the pandemic, we had a problem with children overseas being shown on most TVs and they touched me very much in the heart,” Hillman told CHEK News.

“So I thought to myself, that’s where my charity is going to go,” he said.

This year, it’s a goal seen before — walk the same number of laps as his age and raise $104,000 for Save The Children Canada, which aims to provide less privileged kids with the same opportunities as others.

“But if I can go higher than that, I would love to go to a million,” Hillman added.

He plans to walk a minimum of 10 laps over as many days until he reaches 104 laps.

On Monday, he completed his first 10 laps accompanied by Oak Bay Mayor Kevin Murdoch and fellow Carlton House residents.

“This is incredible at his age to be out here and just caring about the future of the world and taking care of children,” Murdoch said. “It’s remarkable.”

Others who live at Carlton House told CHEK News that Hillman is admired, respected and very much loved.

“He gets older every year, just like the rest of us do, but that doesn’t hold him back,” Elinor Powell said.

Fundraising efforts were launched last week, and by Monday afternoon Hillman had raised more than $20,000.

To date, he has raised an impressive $333,000 for various charitable child-related causes.

“[Community members] have come up with money at every turn I’ve asked for and really I’m being greedy by asking for more,” Hillman said.

“But I still want more for those kids because there are millions of children who need help. I’ve had my life and I’m looking forward to helping some little kids along the way to make a go at their life.”

You can donate to Hillman’s walk via the Save the Children website.

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