Victoria cab driver rushes senior to ER: ‘It probably saved my life’


WATCH: A Victoria senior found a hero in an unexpected place. She says a local cab driver is her hero after a ride that may have saved her life. Isabelle Raghem reports. 

Victoria resident Dorothy Carter reunited with her local hero Saturday, for the first time since he rushed her to the hospital.

That hero is Pierre Massé, a Victoria taxi driver who was dispatched to pick up Carter last week.

“He came and I said take me to the nearest walk-in clinic and Pierre said ‘no, by the look of you pains in your chest and shortness of breath you better go up to emergency,” recounted Carter.

Recognizing something was off with his passenger, Massé insisted on driving her to the Royal Jubilee Hospital.

“Chest pain with hard breathing, it could be serious,” said Massé. “It could be a heart attack, could be a stroke. I don’t know, I’m not a doctor but the clinic they can’t do anything,”

Carter said it’s advice she’s very grateful she took.

“The doctor said you know it’s a good job you didn’t go to a walk-in clinic because he said you probably would have been given a puffer and gone home but you have a large blood clot and you have a few smaller ones too.”

The clots could have caused a heart attack or a stroke, but were taken care of quickly thanks to Massé suggestion to go to the ER right away.

“In all entirety, it probably saved my life,” added Carter.

She is now back home, recovering after a week in hospital.

“You made the right decision, I’m glad because I was wondering about you,” said Massé.

Carter believes fate led her to his cab that day, as she found a hero in an unexpected place.

“Someone was watching over the two of us that day,” said Carter.

Isabelle RaghemIsabelle Raghem

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