VicPD share video of scammer calling officer

VicPD share video of scammer calling officer
Cst. Matt Rutherford takes a phone call from a scammer.

A phone scammer made the wrong call last week when he dialed up the private phone number of a VicPD Constable.

In a video posted to Twitter, Cst. Matt Rutherford takes a call from a scammer claiming to be from Service Canada.

“Hello, just wondering what’s happening,” Rutherford says in the video.

The scammer asks for Rutherford’s name, saying they need it to “pull up his file” and see why he received a call.

Rutherford tells the scammer that they already have his name.

The scammer insists that they need Rutherford’s name in order to “verify the information.”

Rutherford then asks who the scammer is representing.

The scammer terminates the call shortly after.

In their Tweet, VicPD notes that Rutherford carefully avoids giving any personal information over the phone while asking polite and clear questions to determine that the call is indeed fraudulent.

The video post comes as phone scammers recently impersonated CRA officials as well as police officials in multiple incidents involving residents on Vancouver Island.

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