VIBE: 12th Annual Victoria Drum Fest

VIBE: 12th Annual Victoria Drum Fest

From ancient tribal traditions to modern experimental beats, drumming has always been our rhythmic soulmate, evolving over the centuries into a vibrant expression of self and culture.

In Victoria, drummer Murray Creed carries on both traditions at his drum school, Groove Studios, where he teaches 70 students a week.

Murray’s passion for drumming extends beyond teaching; he also organizes Victoria’s biggest rhythm event, the Victoria Drum Fest. Now in its 12th year, Drum Fest inspires the local drumming community and excites people about playing drums.

Annually, it brings together five world-class drummers from around the globe to share their limitless knowledge.

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This year’s lineup includes Rob Brown, an educator with 300,000 YouTube subscribers; Nathan Barlow from the progressive metal band Intervals; Juliana Morello, who plays with South American pop star Karol G; Cody Ashe, the drummer for country superstar Jelly Roll; and the finale, 21-year-old Grayson Recruitment, hailed as the newest Buddy Rich.

Drum Fest is more than just jaw-dropping solos; it’s about inspiring the next generation of rhythm rebels. Students return from the festival super motivated and full of enthusiasm, inspired by the incredible performances they witnessed.

The 12th annual Victoria Drum Fest takes place at the Songhees Wellness Centre, 1100 Admirals Rd., on Sunday, May 26, from noon to 3 p.m.

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