Vandals wreak havoc on Campbell River public washrooms; bill could top $17,000

Vandals wreak havoc on Campbell River public washrooms; bill could top $17,000

The washrooms at the new Rotary Community Field House at Robron Park in Campbell River are practically brand new but they’ve basically been destroyed and are now closed because of vandalism.

“At this site specifically we saw a whole bunch of damage happen over the start of spring break, that first week, so trying to figure out who did it, you know you can put two and two together there,” said Jason Decksheimer, fleet and facilities manager for the City of Campbell River.

Vandalism to public washrooms in the city has been wide-spread.

Washrooms at Robert Ostler Park downtown are closed because of damage, the washroom at Robron Park off Merecroft Road are closed and facilities at Nunns Creek Park are barricaded by huge cement blocks to keep vandals out.

The City says washrooms at Ken Forde Boat Ramp, Simms Creek Lift Station, and pit toilets at Rotary Beach, Frank James Park, McIvor Lake, and Dick Murphy Park are currently in working order, but are frequently closed due to vandalism.

Eleven of the City’s 20 public facilities are now closed, possibly for weeks until replacement fixtures come in and repairs are made.

“It’s not just the little things like we used to see, graffiti and that sort of thing,” said Decksheimer. “They’re smashing out fixtures, sinks, toilets, pulling light fixtures out of the wall and here at the fieldhouse, something that’s relatively new is smashing right through the drywall so it’s having a big impact, we’re seeing longer shutdowns.”

Decksheimer says security cameras captured a group of young people at the time damage was done and the file has been turned over to the RCMP.

Repairs to the washrooms at the Rotary Community Fieldhouse alone are expected to top $10,000. It will cost another $7000 to repair other washrooms around the city.

“These acts of vandalism are unacceptable and costly,” says Drew Hadfield, director of operations. “Public washrooms are an essential community amenity, relied on by many.”

Portable toilets have been placed in locations where public washrooms are closed.

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