Vancouver Island spring expected to have unpredictable weather patterns

Vancouver Island spring expected to have unpredictable weather patterns
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Monday provided a sneak peek into what weather is expected to look like for the rest of spring on Vancouver Island, according to Environment Canada.

Derek Lee, meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada says spring this year is expected to be cooler than average.

“For the longer range we are looking at possibly cooler temperatures than normal for this time of year because we are in the La Niña pattern,” Lee said. “And that’s all the signs we have for the spring weather or when it comes to Vancouver Island is that it could be slightly cooler.”

Lee says the forecast for the rest of spring should look like Monday’s changing weather patterns.

“We aren’t expecting big systems that bring lots of rain,” Lee said. “We’re expecting more of this pop-up stuff where you can get a shower in the afternoon or perhaps even a thunderstorm, although these thunderstorms won’t generally be too intense.”

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In terms of rain levels, Lee says that can be hard to predict due to the La Niña pattern.

“In terms of precipitation wise, we can’t really tell much for the La Niña years, which is this year,” Lee said. “Going back to summertime, we might see more regular temperature, but during the springtime, the trend is that we might see lower than average temperatures.”

As for this week, Lee says we should get a few days of sunshine before the next rainfall.

“Beginning tomorrow morning, we will see a clearing trend. So perhaps some sunny skies possibly returning by the noon and then that should stay in place until Thursday,” Lee said. “So Thursday night we’ll maybe see some rain and then it’ll continue into Friday.”

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