Vancouver Island property owner from U.S. calls on governments to open border using advertisements

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John Adams, an American citizen who has property on Vancouver Island, has had enough with the border closure and is paying out-of-pocket to run advertisements that call on both governments to take action and allow non-essential travel.

John Adams, an American citizen who has property on Vancouver Island, has had enough with the border closure and believes if Canadians and Americans are fully vaccinated, they should be able to travel freely.

He wants to head back to Canada and has opted to dig deep into his pockets in order to send a message.

“This thing’s been going on for 18 months. It’s got to end and if it takes this kind of activity to end it, I’m willing to do that,” he said.

His message is loud and clear through an advertisement he has paid for on television, “Prime Minister Trudeau and President Biden, please open the border June 22nd.”

The commercial has been running in the U.S. for weeks and is about to cross the border to Canada in the days ahead.

“It focuses on someone who’s lost their job, someone who can’t get to their home, and someone who has been separated from a loved one,” Adams said.

Adams has a history of campaigning against COVID-19 guidelines, but this is the first time he’s brought his messaging to Canada and overall, he believes it has been effective.

“It reaches a lot of people and it passed around on social media,” he said.

Having spent $15,000 of his own money to run advertisements, he launched a GoFundMe page and has reached more than half of his $50,000 goal.

“People who get out of their house, get active, they will shape government more than government will shape them. Activism works,” he explained.

CHEK News reached out to Health Canada for a response to the advertisement and the organization responded with a statement.

In part, it read, “There is currently no set date for the border to reopen to travel from the U.S. or from other countries. Restrictions on travel from countries other than the U.S. are currently in place until June 21, 2021.”

“Any decision to ease or modify border measures in Canada will be based on scientific evidence, and an assessment of domestic and international public health measures, and in close consultation with provincial, territorial and international partners,” the Health Canada statement continued.

That isn’t stopping Adams, however, as the American said he’ll keep running the commercials for as long as it takes.

“So when 12:01 comes, I will cease to be in the United States and will be in Canada,” he said.

Residents in Canada can expect to see Adams’ sponsored advertisements on their television screens by next week.

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