Vancouver Island marmot calls for six more weeks of winter on Groundhog Day

A marmot on Vancouver Island

A well-known Vancouver Island marmot has made her Groundhog Day prediction and she is not ready for winter to be over.

Van Isle Violet has made the official call on Wednesday morning, emphasizing we have six more weeks of winter.

A video was posted online Feb. 2 by the Marmot Recovery Foundation from the Marmot Recovery Centre at Mount Washington with Violet’s final decision.

Violet makes a shrill whistle towards the end of the video, which the Marmot Recovery Foundation is describing as an alarm call.

According to the centre, she is in one of her active periods in hibernation.

The alarm call made by Violet suggests that we can all go back to bed for the next six weeks.

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Armel Castellan says he doesn’t mind giving the four-legged forecasters one day in the limelight.

“I’m happy to share the stage with our furry friends. You know they only get one day of lime-light a year and in fact, there’s way too much of me on the radio and TV airwaves,” he said.

Castellan says a lingering La Niña equatorial weather pattern will see cooler temperatures hanging around the B.C. coast, likely into the spring.


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