UVic student recalls moment bus rolled over near Bamfield

UVic student recalls moment bus rolled over near Bamfield
WatchThe shock is still sinking in for family and friends of those on-board a bus that crashed near Bamfield killing two. One UVic student recalls the horrific moment the bus started to tip. Julian Kolsut reports.

Warning: This story may contain content some readers may find disturbing.

A student from UVic is recalling the horrific moment their bus rolled over near Bamfield Friday — killing two on-board.

AJ Wasserman, 44 other first year biology students and two teacher assistants were on a bus heading to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre in the evening when a vehicle approached them.

“I was in the back of the bus. I saw headlights and felt us swerve to avoid them. Thought we were just going to move back,” Wasserman said.

“But then instead we just started tipping and everything just started happening in slow motion.”

The bus starting going down the steep drop-off. That’s when a chilling noise erupted from the seats.

“The scariest scream I have ever heard…you didn’t know if you were also screaming,” they said.

“I was on the side that rolled towards the ground so everyone fell onto my side of the bus.”

Wasserman says two people who had used the seat restraints were left dangling in the air.

Officials then rushed to the scene, conditions were so bad that the B.C. Ambulance Service had to request assistance from 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron in Comox.

Two students died following the crash.

Wasserman says they were travelling late due to getting stuck in traffic in Victoria. They went on to say it did not feel like they were going above 40 km/h.

Those who opted out of the trip were also left in shock.

“When I saw the email from my professor I was shocked, I couldn’t believe that people I know from my class were in that crash,” said classmate Camylle Arsenault.

“I was very grateful that I decided at the last minute not to go… It’s a very tragic event and I feel awful for all the families and friends of the victims.”

“I was just in shock, a buddy of mine he was saying he was going to go on that trip. But he ended up not going. It’s just so real given we are all here on campus and it’s people from our community who went through that,” said UVic student Nathan Nazareth.

A close call for some, but a tragedy for all.

The University is providing support services for those impacted.

Julian KolsutJulian Kolsut

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