Two volunteers meet, fall in love and get married at West Shore ReStore

Two volunteers meet, fall in love and get married at West Shore ReStore

Love can grow in so many unexpected places. For one Vancouver Island couple, it was at a Habitat For Humanity ReStore in Langford.

“They say it happens when you’re not looking. Two years down the road we looked at each other and went hey this is great,” said Eric Christensen.

It took two years for them to see it, but once they knew they were in love, Eric and Denise Christensen thought it’d only be fitting they get married at the ReStore as well.

“This is where we spent most of our time, why not get married here?” said Eric.

“May as well own it,” said Denise.

Walking down the aisle Monday, to the immortal genius of Bruno Mars, Eric and Denise tied the knot in front of ReStore colleagues and friends.

“It was a moment made for TV almost, but it was real life,” said Frank Baker, director of retail operations and business development for the lower Island with Habitat for Humanity which runs the ReStore. “It was simple, honest, genuine, which kind of describes them both really well.”

And while falling in love isn’t on the volunteer application form, Eric and Denise say they’re living proof that love can pop up just about anywhere.

“You can get anything at ReStore,” said Eric. “Even love.”

As for what it’s been like as newlyweds? Denise laughed and called it “normal” while Eric proudly told CHEK News it’s “surreal”.

There is, however, one thing they both agree on.

“The best way to find love is to do something for someone else,” said Eric. “And it just comes back to you without you knowing it.”

Kori SidawayKori Sidaway

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