Two tiny Pomeranian puppies stolen from Langford home, owner says


Stripe (left) and Mila (right) were stolen from a home in Langford. (ROAM).

Stripe (left) and Mila (right) were stolen from a home in Langford. (ROAM).

The owner of two eight-week-old Pomeranian puppies says she is devastated after they were stolen out of her home in Langford.

Tracy Vandekerkhove said the two dogs, Mila and Stripe, were taken from her home in the 2700-block of Claude Road at around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Vandekerkhove said her two Pomeranian dogs, one of which was a therapy dog, recently had two litters of puppies, a total of six, and she was working on adopting them out to family and friends.

According to Vandekerkhove, a friend recommended a couple who had come by to see the puppies. Vandekerkhove said on Tuesday, the couple contacted her and said they had just got off the ferry and wanted to come by to sign some papers.

Vandekerkhove said while they were signing the papers, a man came in a took one puppy off a bed and then came back and got another. Vandekerkhove, who is physically disabled, was unable to chase after the man after she realized what had happened but some friends tried to chase him down the street. Vandekerkhove said her friends reported the man got into the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and drove away with the puppies.

“They were very tiny, one pound each,” Vandekerkhove said, adding that both dogs had recently been microchipped.

“This isn’t a puppy mill. These are babies we put hundreds of hours into. The puppies weren’t publically advertised.”

Vandekerkhove thinks she was being distracted on purpose and is offering a $1,000 reward for the safe return of Mila and Stripe.

Reuniting Owners with Animals Missing (ROAM) administrator Lesli Steeves said they did have an incident in the past where some Jack Russell puppies were stolen but after reports of the theft were shared on social media, the dogs were returned.

Mila is an orange sable female with three white paws while Stripe is a cream male.

Anyone who knows where the two puppies are can contact ROAM at 778-977-6260, 778-977-6265 or [email protected].  Vandekerkhove said a police report has been filed.


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