Trump backer’s mega yacht in B.C. waters on July 4

Trump backer's mega yacht in B.C. waters on July 4

Sea Owl, at anchor July 1 in Brentwood Bay

Robert Mercer, the man called the “reclusive hedge-fund tycoon behind the Trump presidency” may be celebrating Independence Day on the West Coast of Canada.

Mercer’s ultra luxurious, mega-yacht Sea Owl, is anchored in Gowlland Harbour on Quadra Island and has been in B.C. waters for at least several days.

On Canada Day, the Sea Owl was in Saanich Inlet, near Butchart Gardens. Guests aboard the Sea Owl were shuttled by back and forth to the gardens. A crew member would not confirm if Mercer was aboard.


Mercer contributed $15 million to the Super PAC Make America Number 1, which employed Kellyanne Conway prior to her being named to Trump’s campaign and later as counsel in Trump’s administration. Mercer also bankrolled the Breitbart News, which was run by Steve Bannon, prior to Bannon’s appointment to the Trump campaign. Bannon is now chief strategist in the Trump White House.

Mercer’s custom built, 62-metre (203 foot) yacht has 15 cabins with room for 12 guests and a crew of 18. It was built in the Netherlands in 2013 for $75 million U.S. dollars ($97 million Cdn.) It flies the Bahamian flag, where the ship is registered.

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