Trudeau: Canadian Red Cross to take over for military in Quebec care homes

Trudeau: Canadian Red Cross to take over for military in Quebec care homes
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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) who are working to stabilize long-term care homes in Quebec will soon be relieved by members of the Canadian Red Cross.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau left his normal speaking post at Rideau Cottage to make the announcement from a Big Rig Brewery in Ottowa on Friday morning.

Amid the pandemic, CAF members have been helping stabilize long-term care homes in Quebec since April 20, and have since helped stabilize 47 care homes, according to the Prime Minister.

“Overall, the situation in long term care facilities has greatly improved and the needs are not the same as it was two months ago,” said Trudeau.

He says Canada is ready to relieve some of the CAF members for civilian help.

“The arrival of the Red Cross will allow members our armed forces return to their usual duties and be ready for any eventuality,” said the nation’s leader. “Between now and September 15 we will still maintain teams that can intervene quickly in case of an emergency.”

Trudeau says the federal government provided the Canadian Red Cross with $100 million “a few weeks ago”, and with that, the organization has 900 members ready to jump in to help.

The Canadian Red Cross will deploy 15o members between now and July 6, and 750 more will start work before July 29, relieving a great number of CAF members.

“As of today, our members remain active in one facility in Ontario and will be able to leave in the coming days once the situation is stable,” said Trudeau.

Although the Red Cross is stepping in, the CAF is still needed, and will be deployed to four long-term care residences in the coming days, says the Prime Minister.

In Thursday’s press conference, Justin Trudeau announced the federal government will be paying post-secondary students who cannot find a job due to COVID-19, up to $5,000 for volunteer work this Summer.

He also announced a $40 million investment to help students find work in the coming months.

Trudeau also touched on Meng Wanzhou’s extradition proceedings, saying Canada should not bow down to Beijing’s request to release her, as it would send the wrong kind of message.

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