Truck caught fire off Hwy 14 shortly after it was picked up from mechanic

Truck caught fire off Hwy 14 shortly after it was picked up from mechanic
Jennifer Whitehouse
Smoke bellows out onto Highway 14 from a truck fire Wednesday night.

A dramatic truck fire lit up Highway 14 on Awsworth Road Wednesday night, where witnesses say no one was injured.

“We were having dinner when I heard three big booms,” Jennifer Whitehouse, a nearby resident recalls.

“I thought, ‘what the heck is that?’ Turned around to look out my patio door, and saw these huge flames.”

According to Whitehouse, a tow-truck driver was on-site to battle the flames shortly before the fire department arrived.

He used his own fire extinguisher but it wasn’t enough,” she recalled.

The photos of the aftermath highlight the destruction. One close-up of the interior shows frayed wires dangling from the roof, the seats charred and the windows completely gone.

Another angle of the front shows steam rising off the truck, its paint blackened, and the engine bay left a complete mess.

David LeQuesne, the owner of Westshore Towing, said the truck owner had just picked it up from being worked on at a nearby mechanic.

“He was only 20 minutes from the shop,” he said during a phone interview with CHEK.

“I think it was a fuel line or something. They just put in a crate motor.”

Langford Fire was called to the truck fire on Highway 14, but no information has been released by the department as to the initial cause of the incident.

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