Trial continues for man accused in Duncan dog abuse case

Trial continues for man accused in Duncan dog abuse case

Warning: This story contains graphic details that may be disturbing to some readers 

WATCH: A Duncan courtroom was packed again today as the trial resumed for a man accused of animal abuse. As Kori Sidaway reports, the SPCA calls it is one of worst cases the organization has ever seen.

Demonstrators were out again at the Duncan courthouse on Friday for day two of the trial of Anderson Joe, the Cowichan Valley man accused of animal abuse.

“There’s no excuse for what happened, there’s just no excuse,” Lorraine Bayford, one of the demonstrators, said.

Joe has pleaded not guilty to causing unnecessary pain, suffering and injury to a dog from Jan. 16 to Feb. 16, 2018, and failing to provide food, water and shelter for the dog.

The emaciated dog was found in critical distress on a Duncan property on Feb. 16, 2018, and died two days later.

When the dog (who was dubbed Teddy by his rescuers) was discovered, his head was swollen nearly three times its normal size from a rope collar that had cut all the way down to his windpipe, severing both jugular veins.

The vet who performed Teddy’s necropsy testified that based on his neck wounds, Teddy had been in a significant amount of pain.

“Its very graphic. People that were in the courthouse were literally in tears. The information and evidence is absolutely appalling,” Kathy Drelich, one of the supporters, said.

SPCA officers testified on Friday they initially were overwhelmed with the smell of rot and infection when they went to the Lemo Road residence on Feb. 16. The ground was soaked with urine and feces, and Teddy was kept there by a mass of ropes and wires.

Using bolt cutters to remove Teddy, BC SPCA officers say the dog collapsed head first to the ground and was unable to move.

Despite around the clock care, Teddy died on Feb. 18, 2018.

“This is definitely one of the worst cases I’ve never seen. Not just here on Vancouver Island but in all my travels. It’s really heinous,” Jesse Adams with the Raincoast Dog Rescue Society said. Adams was also at the trial.

“As far as I’m concerned, they’re family, and I would never treat my children or any member of my family as Teddy was treated.”

Joe’s co-accused, Melissa Tooshley, pleaded guilty to wilfully neglecting the dog on Wednesday. Judge Mayland McKimm ordered a pre-sentence report and a full Gladue report to assist the court at Tooshley’s sentencing. It will take at least eight weeks to prepare the reports.

File photo courtesy BC SPCA.

BC SPCA seized an emaciated, chained dog in critical distress on Feb. 16. His collar was embedded in his neck and the dog died two days later. File photo courtesy BC SPCA.


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