Pandemic pushes live Christmas tree sales to record levels

Pandemic pushes live Christmas tree sales to record levels
WatchChristmas tree growers say the COVID-19 pandemic is likely driving the demand for a more traditional Christmas.

A Tuesday afternoon in December wouldn’t normally be a busy time to go buy a Christmas tree.

But it’s 2020 and live Christmas trees are in high demand this year.

At Doveside Christmas Tree Farm near Courtenay about 40 people, at the most, would have tagged a tree by now.

But this year, 120 trees have been tagged and that’s on top of all the other trees that have already been cut.

“COVID has a lot to do with it, if not everything to do with it,” said Mike Day, the owner of Doverside Christmas Tree Farm. “I think the fact that Christmas and Christmas trees kind of represent a little bit of normal at a time that is very abnormal is driving the sales.”

The Canadian Christmas Tree Growers Association says farmers across the country anticipate 2020 will be a record year for sales.

“A lot of families really want to get the Christmas season started because it’s just a point of happiness in what’s otherwise been a really tough year,” said Doveside’s Libby Day.

The most popular tree this year is the balsam fir.

“It is the most fragrant tree, they are just so wonderful to smell, you get one in your house and you will not need fabreeze let’s put it that way,” added Mike Day.

Due to COVID-19, you need to make a reservation at many tree farms including Doveside but there are still tractor rides through the farm for individual families.

If you can find a tree they recommend cutting it only 30 days before you plan to take it down.

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