Tofino asks visitors to ‘bring what they can’ from home amid B.C. supply chain complications

Tofino asks visitors to 'bring what they can' from home amid B.C. supply chain complications

While large sections of British Columbia face supply chain issues, Tofino is encouraging potential visitors to come prepared in an effort to avoid shortages.

On Friday, Tourism Tofino posted a message to visitors suggesting to “bring what they can” with them from home.

The organization notes that although Tofino’s supply chains are delayed due to flooding and infrastructure challenges — much like other parts of the Province — they are ultimately still moving.

If visitors bring what they can from home, prior to a visit to the small Vancouver Island community, it would potentially reduce the amount of stress on supply chains and allow for locals to continue accessing the essential goods they need.

Severe weather that hit southern B.C. earlier this week has resulted in major flooding and significant damage to roadways across the province, putting stress on the movement of essential goods and services.

Bigger cities such as Victoria are experiencing panic buying at grocery stores and gas stations as residents scramble for supplies.

With days of intense weather resulting in natural disasters, the province has experienced a shortage of gasoline in particular as roadways were blocked and the flow of fuel through the Transmountain Pipeline went offline.

The gasoline shortage sparked the B.C. government to enact a new order under the provincial state of emergency — announced on Wednesday — that non-essential vehicles, including the general public, will be limited to 30 litres of gasoline per visit to a station over the next 10-11 days.

“We have a steady supply of gas to support all our essential vehicles and we will get through these restrictions together by staying calm, only buying what we need and looking out for each other. These measures are necessary during temporary shortages as work is underway to re-establish B.C.’s fuel supply,” said Solicitor General Mike Farnworth during a press conference on Friday.

The Province also is prohibiting non-essential travel along certain highways in B.C. and while travel is still allowed to Tofino, the community is hoping tourists come prepared with their own supplies.

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