Tilling love? Langford man finds possible lost wedding ring in pile of mulch

Tilling love? Langford man finds possible lost wedding ring in pile of mulch

A Langford man and his daughter were doing a spring spruce-up of their yard when they spotted something unexpected — a possible wedding ring in a pile of mulch purchased at a nearby gravel yard.

“Two full yards of mulch in the back of the truck, and we were getting to the last few scraps and my daughter’s just shovelling and sweeping, and she goes, ‘We’ve got a ring.’ I go, ‘No way,'” Brett Soberg told CHEK News.

That’s when Soberg went back to Buy the Yard Gravel Mart on Happy Valley Road and asked the staff there if they knew who the ring belonged to — only, they didn’t.

“It could have been from a previous customer doing the same thing, getting small quantities. Mondays through Fridays, we have a lot of people come in. They fill up pails and recycle bins, etcetera,” said James Blackstock, the yard’s owner.

“Somebody dropped it in the yard, there’s no question about it.”

Blackstock’s never found a ring in mulch before and thinks it’s a miracle Sodberg noticed the prized possession, considering how well it blended in.

“Of course, dealing with small quantities, he probably paid more attention to dispersing it and got lucky and found the ring, because the ring was pretty much the same colour as the mulch,” he said.

It’s jet black with a more simplistic design and a date engraved in white on the inside — an anniversary Soberg’s keeping to himself.

“Top secret information,” he laughed.

“The date is the only information I have to verify that whoever claims this, it actually belongs to them. I can give you a range, it’s sorta from April to August 2021, but it’s specific. There’s a month and a day, and of course, I’ve given out the year.”

He posted photos of the ring to Facebook Sunday in hopes its owner would come forward — so far, no luck. 

“Gotta be honest, a lot of helpful people online. I was like, ‘Woah, this is kind of fun.’ I spent about an hour and a half, two hours just posting it everywhere on the classified pages,” said Soberg.

“I’d probably try to trace my steps, right, and go back to where I possibly could have lost it. But, you know, falling in mulch, you’ve got to be pretty lucky to find that,” added Blackstock.

A married man himself, Soberg can’t fathom losing his own wedding ring.

“My ring hasn’t come off in a really long time, since ’93,” he said. “So I can only imagine what it must be like only being a few years into a relationship or a marriage or an important date in your life, and then having the ring go missing.”

He’s hoping by going public, the piece of jewelry can be reunited with the hand it once belonged to — if that’s you, reach out by email to [email protected].

Ethan MorneauEthan Morneau

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