‘This is clearly a pattern of behaviour’: Victoria voters weigh in on Trudeau blackface scandal


CHEK News has obtained a copy of the yearbook that has rocked the Liberal campaign.

Inside the West Point Grey Academy yearbook is Trudeau with a wide grin on his face and his skin darkened by makeup. He is dressed up as Aladdin.

“I should have known better and I didn’t and I’m really sorry,” Trudeau told the media Wednesday night.

His apology and revelations of other photos have Islanders talking.

“This is clearly not a one-time offence, this is clearly a pattern of behaviour,” said Manaeesha Johal.

“My identity is not a costume for someone to wear my experiences arent something to make a mockery of.”

“Yeah it looks bad on him for sure but it was 20 years ago in my opinion,” said Alex Lafferty.

In the middle of an election, the timing for the photos to come out could not be worse. However, Victoria Liberal Party candidate Nikki Macdonald is not worried about her chances.

“What has been most important is his willingness to stand up and apologize.

People are interested in talking about the environment are interested in talking about affordability, [people] are interested in talking about issues that really matter to their lives today,” said Macdonald.

But Royal Roads University political science professor David Black thinks the opposite.

“It’s definitely going to make Trudeau more of a liability than an asset as they campaign,” said Black.

He says this scandal is one that the Liberals will have a hard time getting voters to forget.

“Trudeau will be on stage with a person, Jagmeet Singh who also happens to have a brown face so you have all these moments of uncomfortable resonance,” said Black.

Black says it may cost Trudeau the election but among some Victoria voters, the jury is still out.

“I’m still undecided right now as to where I am going to go with it but I’m not going to judge someone on three poor decisions they made over 15 years ago,” said Geoff Moffett.

Trudeau has admitted his actions were racist but he maintains he is not. It leaves Canadians to make the final decision on whether photos from his past should play a role in a country’s future.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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