‘The war is not over’: Demonstrators call for more support for Ukraine at B.C. legislature

‘The war is not over’: Demonstrators call for more support for Ukraine at B.C. legislature
The demonstration is pictured on Jan. 6, 2024.

Dozens of people lined the street in front of the B.C. legislature on Saturday calling for continued support for Ukraine.

The demonstration comes as Russia ramps up attacks in Ukraine, with deadly drone assaults occurring in several cities in the past few days.

Those at the legislature, who were carrying flags and signs of support, say they hope the demonstration will serve as a reminder that the fight is still ongoing, and that more Canadian support is needed.

“We just want to remind the world that the war is still not over and that Russia is killing civilian people every day,” said Anastasiia Balashova, who was at the demonstration.

On Saturday alone, 11 people were killed when Russia shelled the partially occupied Donetsk province of Ukraine, according to regional Gov. Vadym Filashkin.

Five children were among the dead and eight further people were wounded in the attack on the Pokrovsk district, he said.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s military claimed that it successfully attacked the Saki military airbase in the west of the Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula on Saturday.


In front of the B.C. legislature, Balashova said she hopes that Canadians will remember the toll of the ongoing war.

“I’ve noticed that people care less about the war in Ukraine now,” she said.

“I’ve also noticed that the news channels are not giving all the information, are not giving updates very often. It’s more like [only] when something very bad happens, but bad things are happening in Ukraine every day,” she said.

Feb. 24 will mark the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“We are reminding the world, basically, that the war is not over yet and we still need support from Canada, and we really appreciate the support that we have now,” said Balashova.

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Jan. 6, 2024. (CHEK News)

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