‘That was phenomenal’: Orcas delight onlookers during swim-through of Comox marina

'That was phenomenal': Orcas delight onlookers during swim-through of Comox marina
Nicky Smiley / Facebook

Some lucky onlookers got an up-close and intimate view of some orcas as they swam through a Comox marina on the Easter weekend.

A parade of Transient Killer Whales swam through the Comox Harbour, amongst the boats and gave people standing nearby on the shore a memorable sight.

In total there were five orcas that came into the marina, said to be T049A1, T049B, T049B2, T049B3 and T049B4.

The orca encounter happened in the early evening on Easter Sunday.

In the video, you can see a handful of onlookers rush to the edge of the dock as the whales swim slowly around the dock and moored boats in the marina.

Giggles of joy and clicks of cameras could be heard as onlookers delightfully took in the moment.

The orcas than headed out of the marina and turned towards the mouth of the Comox Harbour, doing one last dockside swim-by before heading on.

“That was phenomenal,” one viewer said in the video.

The video was posted to Comox Valley Wildlife Sightings by Nicky Smiley with a caption that reads “Best encounter EVER!”


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