Teens organize Sports Equipment Swap for Families on September 2

Teens organize Sports Equipment Swap for Families on September 2

Tessa Jones and Leah Smith are gathering various donations for an event that they’re planning.

“It all started when I saw the Coast Capital Power of Youth competition” says Jones.

The competition challenges young people to do something to help their community.

“And we figured that doing a sports swap would be a great way to help kids, especially at the start of the school year, because it’s both financially and environmentally sustainable,” says Smith.

The Children and Youth SportSwap is happening Sunday, September 2 at Oaklands Community Centre.

Sandy Robertson from the centre says that “Oaklands is very much young families, and lots of community members, so it’s really fantastic to see young people getting out and doing something for the community, and for people that are enjoying sport as well.”

And how are donations going?

“We’ve been getting just a great variety of things,” says Jones. “We’ve gotten hockey items, soccer, basketball, lot of dance stuff too, which is great because dance equipment can be expensive.”

“We’re leaning away from clothing” adds Smith, “but we’ll still definitely take it. But really just anything for all sorts of sports!”

Jones speaks for both the teens when she explains that “we don’t want kids to feel like they’re restricted if they can’t afford the proper equipment. And we definitely think that this will be a really great way for everyone to get the equipment that they need.”

Click here for more information, or email [email protected] if you have sports gear to donate.

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