Take the Vital Signs Survey and help shape Victoria!

Take the Vital Signs Survey and help shape Victoria!

Since 1936, the Victoria Foundation has been connecting people who care with causes that matter.   And for the past 13 years, the Vital Signs survey has shown the Foundation what are the most pressing issues to the residents of Greater Victoria.

Rob Janus is Communications Director for the Victoria Foundation.

“The Vital Signs survey is one half of the data that goes into our signature Vital Signs report every year. This is the ‘public perception’ part, and we marry that together with data, which is the sort of ‘factual’ part,” he said.

And all that information is compiled for numerous uses.

“It’s part of everything we do,” says Janus. “[Such as] working with donors, helping them understand our community better.  Where are the issues? Where are the opportunities for support? We also use it for all of our granting activities.  Last year, for example, we gave out almost $2 million dollars a month, to charities around the region and beyond.”

When an organization applies for a grant from the Victoria Foundation they identify which Vital Signs issue area they identify with. And that’s why filling in a Vital Signs survey is so important.

“It’s simple, really. You can go online to VictoriaFoundation.ca, and there’s a link right there on the home page.  You can take it on your mobile device, it’s fully smartphone friendly.

“The survey asks you a number of questions about different issue areas that are in the community, as well as questions around your own quality of life, and some demographic information about who you are, and where you live,” says Janus.

The survey takes about ten minutes to fill in, and you can save what you’ve done, and come back to the survey later, if you run out of time.

“The deadline is July 1st” says Janus, “and anybody who does the survey has a chance to win some great prizes!”

Click here to take the Vital Signs survey.

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