Swingers Golf Victoria threatened with legal action to change name

Swingers Golf Victoria threatened with legal action to change name

Tucked away in downtown Victoria is a virtual golf green known as Swingers Golf Victoria.

It’s owner Danny Hamilton says business is picking up all the time.

“We have a staff of ten people here. It is a small, small business,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton started Swingers Golf in July 2022 in addition to his axe-throwing business, Axe and Grind.

Both businesses were gaining traction, but then he received an email.

“We were approached by a company in London, UK. They sent us a cease and desist saying they owned the name of ‘Swingers’, and anything related to golf,” Hamilton said.

Written by the Canadian law firm, Cassels Brock & Blackwell, representing the London-based company, “Swingers Crazy Golf”, it details  how Hamilton’s use of the name “Swingers” in his business is unauthorized and unacceptable.

It also has a list of demands, including that he deliver any and all products in his possession with “Swingers” written on it.

Hamilton says he had no idea there was another company using the same name.

“They literally want the shirt off my back, is what they are saying,” Hamilton said.

In 2014, the UK-based Swingers Crazy Golf opened its doors.

An investment firm worth more than $15 billion backed its expansion into the United States.

Now it’s targeting Hamilton’s Government Street business.

“We would just like to say that we’re not a threat to you. You’re a big company. You are [an] international brand. We are staying local,” Hamilton said.

In 2021, the Scotch Whiskey Association sued a Central Saanich distillery, claiming Macaloney Caledonian Whiskey’s branding misled customers into thinking their award-winning whiskies originated in Scotland.

A year later, the two sides came to an agreement and Macaloney’s Island Distillery & Twa Dogs Brewery was born.

Back at Swingers Golf Victoria, Hamilton says he has no choice.

“I have to give up.  I can’t fight with these people. They’ve just got far too much money,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton is hoping the public will come up with a tee-rific new name for Swingers.

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